The Penn Libraries has built on a rich history of leading the way in innovations that benefit our constituents. Penn’s contributions to massive open online courses have thrust new approaches to teaching and learning into the spotlight. Across campus, our learning communities are experimenting with new pedagogical methods, technologies, teaching programs and classroom design.

Already the Penn Libraries has successfully led the campus-wide migration to the online courseware Canvas, and is now coordinating the governance process for the future of courseware technology at Penn. Now, the need for continued innovation is more critical than ever before.  

As the Penn Libraries work to construct the computerized information systems of the futurepursuing the digital re-creation of the print library, devising interactive systems to help researchers organize and manage information, and open access systems of information exchangeour goal is to enrich our support for teaching, research and learning through innovation.

By contributing to innovations in teaching, research and learning at the Penn Libraries, you will spark progress toward a future enriched with incredible advances in the landscape of education and knowledge at Penn.