Every day at Penn, teaching transforms students, medical discoveries unfold, and the world’s greatest thinkers collaborate to answer the questions of tomorrow – today

The Biomedical Library at Penn has been at the core of these activities since it was built over 50 years ago. Its spaces, the expertise of the staff and the information stored within are in constant demand, and the need for more and newer resources is rising. 

Meeting this need stands to create endless opportunities for deepened engagement and partnerships to fuel discoveries, expand knowledge, and forge innovative collaborations.

Now, the Penn Libraries has created a new vision for the future of the Biomedical Library: a transformation into a modern, technologically sophisticated Biotech Commons that will advance us toward new frontiers in scholarly achievement. 

With the goal of ushering in an unprecedented era of exploration and discovery at Penn, the renovated Biotech Commons will introduce novel utilities to invigorate research andlearning while also refreshing the ways in which familiar resources are used by constituents.

The Biotech Commons renovation has numerous distinct naming opportunities for donors interested in propelling forth innovation in answer to the most challenging questions of our time.