At the Penn Libraries, philanthropy is the difference between providing core services and empowering the extraordinary.

The Penn Libraries Fund fuels innovation and enables us to act as a de facto experimentation lab for teaching, research, and learning. Our true power comes from the ability to exceed expectations, enabling our users to discover the unexpected.

With support from the Penn Libraries Fund, we have pioneered new ways to get our users to the information they need for their research and exploration. We have proudly been the first on campus to test and share new technologies, models, and programs to guide teaching and learning at Penn. The generosity of donors to the Penn Libraries Fund is integral to making the academic experience of everyone at Penn into the journey of a lifetime.

Please consider supporting the Penn Libraries Fund today. You will make a real impact with your gift. Your gift will impact all the students and scholars at Penn, all the lovers of information and knowledge around the world, and all who will benefit from the new discoveries brought forth by the power of the Penn Libraries.