Class of 1969 Periodicals Center

The periodicals section is one of the busiest in the library, attracting thousands of users daily. Students and scholars use the open-shelf collection of some 5,600 journals from here and abroad to keep current with the latest findings in fields that range from literature and the social sciences to music, economics, and history. Holdings also include 110 newspapers from major U.S. Cities and countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Special appreciation goes to the following members of the Class of 1969 for their support of this area:

David B. Weigle , Wharton 1969 in honor of Julian M. Weigle, Wharton 1942 - Current Periodicals Service Desk

Perry H. Bacon, College 1969 - Computer Journals | Robert Davidow, Wharton 1969, and Hiroko Nakata Davidow in honor of their Parents and Children - Education Journals | Joseph M. Gantz, College 1969 in honor of the Families of Jack and Joseph Gantz - Business Journals | Hazel W. Manheimer, College for Women 1969 - Art Journals | Carole Litwin Pittelman, College for Women 1969 in memory of Carol Stoffman - Photography Journals | Denice Helman Rein, College for Women 1969 - Sport and Games Journals | Stewart H. Rosenberg, Wharton 1969 - World Affairs Journals | Sydney Ladensohn Stern in appreciation of the excellence of the History professors - History Journals


Joel R. Bloom, Christopher H. Browne, Christopher P. Dixon, James P. Druckman, Jan R. Endresen, Blaine E. Eynon, Jr., Jonathan Goldstein, Stephen Gootzeit, Jeffrey J. Greenbaum, C. Robert Henrikson, W. Reed Kindermann, Steven A. Lerman, Sandra Martin Lustman, Jack R. Miller, Joseph S. Mishkin, Carol Savoy Muroff, Sarah Brown Neff, Robert A. Peiser, Susan Berland Penn, Frederick B. Pickering, Jr., Joshua A. Polan, Paul Silverberg, Leslie N. Silverman, Howard and Patricia Silverstein, Stanley M. Sloan, Michael L. Tanchum, and Richard M. Thune