Class of 1971 Electronic Study Lounge

The Class of 1971 Electronic Study Lounge has been designed with the needs of contemporary students in mind--bridging the gap between on-line research and good, old-fashioned contemplation.

The lounge features the cherry cabinetry of Thomas Moser, the warmth and character of which has defined the renovation of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center's interior space. Clusters of carrels fully wired for laptop computers offer ample desktop space with comfortable chairs for study. A small grouping of inviting furniture anchors one end of the space and attractive shelving the other.

Large signs recognize the class gift, and a display case with class memorabilia lines the east wall. The Lounge is located on the second floor in The Lippincott Library along the Walnut Street side of the Library.

The Lounge was a gift in commemoration of the Class of 1971 25th Reunion. The recognition plaque expresses special appreciation for the following class members:

John A. Aiello | Emilio Bassini | Spencer I. Browne | John R. Feldman | Arlene Fickler | Charles A. Gilman | Anne G. Gleacher | Madeleine Rudel Grant | Edward W. Kane | Margery Diamond Katz | Edward J. Lenkin | Jeffrey S. Levitt | Susan Mazer Levitt | Charles H. Manasse | William A. Meyer | David J. Moskowitz | Melanie Franco Nussdorf | Steven J. Prince | Ned L. Sherwood | William A. Squires | Lenel Srochi-Meyerhoff | Judith L. Teller | Elaine Mokotoff Viders | Jay R. Viders | Lee H. Wagman | David G. Young III

In addition to generous Library support for the Class of 1971 Lounge, the class established The Class of 1971 Memorial Book Fund to remember their classmates.