Dorothy Mann Yeakel & Paul Herbert Yeakel Memorial Fund

Paul M. Yeakel, Wharton B.S. 1960, has had a successful career as a broker. While still working full-time, he began graduate studies in History and earned his A.M. in 1997. A frequent and heavy user of the libraries, Paul established this fund in 1994 in memory of his parents, Dorothy Mann Yeakel and Paul Herbert Yeakel. The Yeakel Fund supports the acquisition of materials in the field of history.

Mr. Yeakel served as a valued member of the Library Board of Overseers from 1995 to 2001, also serving as chair of its Development Committee. His master's thesis, The Battle of the Bulge and the 291st Combat Engineer Battalion is available at Penn Libraries--along with the many materials acquired through the fund.

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